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Nurture - Organic "Miracle" Mineral Mask

Nurture - Organic "Miracle" Mineral Mask

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Skin Soothing and softening mineral mask - For all skin types. Nurture is a softening mineral mask which soothes and softens the skin. *Formulated to soothe the skin & reduce redness. *Softens the skin’s texture. *Natural calming & anti-inflammatory properties. *Nourishes the skin for a healthier complexion". Composition: Derived from a variety of organic minerals, clays and dried flowers. Ingredients: Oat Powder*, White Kaolin Clay, Chamomile Flowers*, Stevia Leaf Powder*

WHY IS IT IN POWDER? MORE PRODUCT:Because there’s no added water, you get twice as much product, just add your own water!

CUSTOMIZABLE: The more water you mix with the powder the thinner/lighter the mask is, so our unique mineral mask can be customized perfectly to your specific skin preferences and needs.

STAYS FRESH: No water means your product will stay fresh much longer and no synthetic preservatives are needed.

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