Curated Joy began years ago, but as a lifestyle, not a business name. As a nutritionist, I began to research the link between environmental toxins and our health. As a mother of 6, this was super important to me to find healthy products for my family as well. When I helped my clients and family move to non-toxic products, the health benefit improved, noticeably ... but so did their moods and outlook. The products we surround ourselves have an effect on our entire being.

The home can be one of the most toxic environments and indoor pollution is a major cause of allergies and other illnesses. Our everyday products, like personal care and cleaning products, can wreck havoc on our health, hormones, moods and general wellbeing.

When we use products that are non-toxic, we are also helping the earth, it's the ultimate win-win.

Non-toxic products that look good, smell divine and actually work are my mission and I am very excited to share them with you! 

Please reach out anytime with feedback, questions or comments.

Cheers to our good health and a clean environment for future generations.

With love, Linda