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West Coast Seaweed Skincare

WCSS Hair Growth Serum With Fermented Seaweed

WCSS Hair Growth Serum With Fermented Seaweed

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Get ready for luscious locks with West Coast Seaweed's, Sea Hair Growth Serum! Fortified with fermented seaweed, amla, and keratin,

it's been tested for 6 months by the formulator and proven to boost hair growth by 1-2 inches in 4-6 weeks! Plus, this powerful serum nourishes and hydrates your scalp with added minerals for strong, healthy hair.

Don't miss out on the calming and moisturizing benefits of brahmi, henna, ashwagandha, jaramansi, castor oil, and calendula as well.

And let's not forget the irresistible natural scent of oak moss! Pure Bliss!


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