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Zero Waste Biodegradable Bamboo Dental Floss

Zero Waste Biodegradable Bamboo Dental Floss

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Regular dental floss is just waxed nylon, rolled up in a small plastic box. Unlike plastic, it does not take 500 to thousands of years to decompose, but “only” 50 – 80 years. Pretty much everybody who is interested in Zero Waste knows about bamboo toothbrushes, tooth powder and homemade toothpaste. However, when it comes to dental floss most of us are at a loss. The good news is that the floss industry is slowly changing and there are more Eco-friendly and healthy options becoming readily available. Our two most popular and vegan versions are made from Corn and bamboo. Both are biodegradable and chemical free, making them great alternatives to nylon products.

Choose from charcoal infused or plain white.

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