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Eastvan bees

Beeswax Gardeners Salve

Beeswax Gardeners Salve

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Experience the nourishing power of Gardeners Salve for hands that work tirelessly in the garden and elsewhere. This unique salve combines the rejuvenating properties of Apricot Kernel oil and Dandelion, along with 100% local Beeswax and Cherry Kernel oil infused with Propolis, ethically harvested from BC hives. The abundant vitamins A, C, and E found in Dandelion act as potent antioxidants, promoting healthy skin and slowing cell degeneration. Meanwhile, Vitamin E deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Don't miss out on the benefits of bee glue - a natural mixture of saliva and beeswax infused with sap from tree buds and other botanical sources, known for its healing properties. Trust Gardeners Salve to care for your hardworking hands and cuticles.

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