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enVy® TO GO Travel Pillow (With COPPER infused Certified Botanical TENCEL™ Pillowcase )

enVy® TO GO Travel Pillow (With COPPER infused Certified Botanical TENCEL™ Pillowcase )

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The Ultimate “Mini-Me” therapeutic Travel Pillow ✈️  keeps you wrinkle-free, safe and supported at HOME and AWAY! Experience the amazing benefits of COPPER bio-infused technology into the envelope style 100% certified sourced natural raw material wood based TENCEL™ pillowcase + The OFF-YOUR-Face Patented enVy™ Pillow Design.
The enVy COPPER ions combat germs, inflammation and promote collagen/elastin production. MDs, chiropractors and others recommend the pillow for neck support, wrinkle reduction, fast healing and TMJ relief.

The Plant-Based Alternative to SILK

Our COPPER-infused Eucalyptus TENCEL™ - are proud to be one of the chosen brands partnering with the Austria based Lenzing Group to offer the luxurious TENCEL pillowcases created from fibres from botanic origin.

BUT we didn't stop there! Our luxuriously smooth TENCEL™ pillowcases are bio-infused with our own proprietary natural enVy COPPER technology -- boosting elastin and collagen while destroying any pathogens in their wake - and in your bed!

To contribute to the environment positively and responsibly, we insist that the fibres we use must be biodegradable.... literally 'compostable' -- just like our Natural Latex! Only then will the burden on our landfills ease, and our soil and water bodies will have fewer synthetic microfibres which can harm all living organisms.

"Half the size of our Full Size pillows... but Just as Good in Bed!" ~ The pillow ladies
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