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Skin Nourishing Natural Face Tanner - with FREE headband

Skin Nourishing Natural Face Tanner - with FREE headband

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Get ready for a mist-ical transformation with Keep Me Sunkissed Face Tan Water! This natural formula will give your face a warm, subtle glow (that won't make you look like a pumpkin). Infused with nourishing, anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, witch hazel water, red maple extract, and a natural vanilla fruit scent, your skin will be left hydrated, even, toned, and radiant without any sticky residue. Plus, snag a FREE HEADBAND (in black or white, depending on availability) while supplies last!

How to Use:

For best results, exfoliate your face prior to use. You can incorporate this product into your existing skincare routine a few different ways. You can choose what works best for you. We recommend using a clean blending brush to avoid getting colour on your hands & to be more precise with application. You can choose to mist the Face Tan Water directly on your face, then blend with the brush OR mist on to the brush first, then apply to the face. When incorporating Face Tan Water into your skincare routine (if using toner), you would tone first, then apply Face Tan Water. Allow to dry, then finish with your skincare routine (serums/lotions/sunscreens). If using your hands to apply products, wash hands thoroughly after application. Wait 6-8 hours after application before washing your face to ensure enough development time. Apply as needed daily until your desired colour is achieved. Using twice weekly will maintain results. Avoid over saturation of product on the hairline and take caution when applying & blending near the hairline as tan buildup can occur.


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