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Manifestation Crystal Set

Manifestation Crystal Set

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The Manifestation Crystal Collection is a set of four hand-selected stones, each chosen for their unique properties and abilities to aid in manifestation and bring desired intentions to reality. The collection includes Citrine Point, Garnet, Clear Quartz, and Green Aventurine. The set will help with releasing negative patterns, finding balance, amplifying intentions and bringing positive change, thus making it a perfect toolset for manifestation. Citrine Point attracts wealth and abundance, to encourage your manifestation to shape. Garnet promotes personal freedom. Also known to strengthen commitment.

How to use:

Clear your crystals (and then do monthly) - hold under running water for about 30 seconds, you can also take them for a dip in the ocean, stream or lake.

Find a space to clear your mind and write down your goal, read it aloud while holding your crystals and FEEL how you will feel when you achieve this goal ... breathe that feeling into the crystals.

Keep your crystals where you can see and be around them, bedside table, desk, or on you as jewellery or a pocket.

Have fun with it! 

Clear them monthly and keep them away from TV's, as crystals collect energy, what you watch, can be stored in your crystals as energy. If they are close to a TV, keep them in a leather pouch or metal container.

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