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Jusu Wellness Inc.

Jusu Wellness Laundry Powder

Jusu Wellness Laundry Powder

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This plant and mineral based powder detergent is gentle on sensitive skin, while still eliminating tough stains and odours. For a standard load that is lightly soiled, add 30ml of detergent. For large loads or heavily soiled clothes use 60 ml. 

To hand wash a few small items or delicates, add 15 ml to a sink full of water and hand wash as usual. Note that you will not get suds as this is a natural detergent formulated for HE machines. For stains or heavily soiled spots create a paste by mixing 30 ml of detergent with 15 ml of water. Rub on the soiled area, use a bristle brush to get into the fibres. Rinse with water. Launder as usual. 

 Convert this detergent to a cold water detergent by simply mixing one scoop detergent with 1/4 cup hot water and mix well until powder has fully dissolved before adding to the wash. 

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