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Cutting Board Wax "Food Grade"

Cutting Board Wax "Food Grade"

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Easy-to-use, food-grade Cutting Board Wax, provides all-natural nourishment for numerous wooden utensils and surfaces in the kitchen and around the home.

Made with pure Canadian beeswax, this simple yet effective blend works wonderfully in restoring natural shine to your prized wooden possessions, keeping them looking and performing the way they should, prolonging their lifespan, and preventing damage from food or water. Ideal for use on butcher blocks, cutting boards, knife blocks, salad bowls, cheese boards, and more!

Directions for use: Apply wax with a clean, soft cloth. Dry for 15 minutes, then lightly buff off following the direction of the grain, until the desired shine has been achieved. Re-apply when the piece looks dry. Handmade using products from the hive in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

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