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Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher | MINA Model | White

Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher | MINA Model | White

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The MINA Alkaline Pitcher is crafted for convenience, giving families a simple, easy-to-use solution for healthy water. By using a multi-stage filtration process, Santevia's MINA Pitcher creates clean, mineralized alkaline water for a busy household. Ideal for families who want a sustainable, high-quality pitcher where durability matters.

*Boosts pH and alkalinity to make true alkaline water

*Infuses water with calcium, magnesium and other healthy minerals

*Water tastes smooth and fresh, like it’s from a pristine mountain spring

*Reduces chlorine, lead, herbicides and other harmful contaminants

*Manufactured sustainably in Vancouver, Canada

*With every purchase, 100 days of clean water donated to fight water poverty

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