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ALCHEMY Organic Tea | Herbal Loose

ALCHEMY Organic Tea | Herbal Loose

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Experience the power of Alchemy Tea - the perfect blend for warriors, wanderers, and dreamers alike. Conquer rough days with this earthy brew that soothes the mind while you get things done. Delight in its blue hue and let it take you to new vistas. This isn't your grandmother's tea - this is the Lady Boss tea!


Expect a unique and therapeutic experience with this tea. Its earthy, herbal taste may be strong, but once you feel its amazing effects on your mood, you'll grow to love it!


Whipping up a stellar cup of herbal tea is like a mini zen party that's a cinch to pull off. First off, ditch the tap water (ew, no thanks!) and go for the filtered good stuff. Pour that hot water over your tea, nestled in your fave mug or teapot. Let it mingle for 5-7 minutes to squeeze out all those herby flavors and goodness.

Feeling fancy? Add a dollop of honey or a lemon slice for a zesty kick. Once your tea hits that sweet spot of strength (experiment and take note of how strong or gentle of a brew, that fits your taste) remember to take a big whiff of that fragrant steam dancing from your cup.

Kick back, relax, and savor every sip of that perfect herbal tea, whether you're kicking off a chill morning, winding down after a hectic day, or just treating yourself to a moment of pure bliss.

Food Safe Tea Canister can be recycled, composted, or refilled!

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